Our Story

Nature inspires, experience teaches, food heals and love nurtures

Welcome to Blissful Dragon Farm!

The beauty of nature is all around us in Vermont and Blissful Dragon Farm is no exception to this. With beautiful fields, boggy marshes, a beautiful pond and a large picturesque barn, we have the perfect setting for our mission.

Nature inspires everyone who takes an opportunity to visit. Walking the 80′ Zen Garden Labyrinth designed and installed by Andrew Wolf, visiting the Druid Stone circle designed and installed by Ivan MacBeth, or simply enjoying the stunning views in any direction that you look, you will be able to get renewed sense of peace!

Recent History

While the farm has been here many, many years before officially being named Blissful Dragon Farm, it’s been just over a year since the house, the labyrinth and the stone circle were put in place.  It’s been a crazy year, with many personal and farming lessons learned the hard way.    A cold, wet spring combined with travel during planting season took it’s toll on the vegetable garden, the summer was spent largely trying to keep the hill behind the house in one piece despite torrential rains, too much sand in the base and a broken shoulder limiting movement.  As we put away all of the summer tools and toys and turn to face the holiday season, the quiet winter ahead seems like a great time for what I am most passionate about – FOOD!!!!  Laughing, it’s not so much about the eating for me.  It’s about the creating, the stirring of one’s soul that flows over into the bowl so that the food is literally filled with love.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple:

Nature inspires, experience teaches, food heals and love nurtures

Everything we do, everything we think, everything we eat and everything we touch is a never ending circle of energy.  To quote the guys from TUT.COM:

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

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And by the way – if you aren’t getting their messages from the universe, please do!

What do we do here? 

  • Our focus is on community farming and gathering. We care about protecting farmland and healthy, local foods. We want to build community that makes use of the land and provides a safe, welcoming space for gatherings of all types, from simple classes to support groups, from game nights to musical evenings and from simple rites of passage to spiritual gatherings. We are not a religious organization and all are welcome.
  • We are an organic farm. While our first year of gardening was more of a “lessons learned” kind of year, we are planning on attempting a large garden next year with a by-donation farm stand. Our goal is to feed ourselves and our community with this fertile farm land.
  • 5 Words that represent what we stand for:
    • Welcome – we welcome all who wish to celebrate in our home.
    • Humor – we love to maintain our sense of humor and we find that it pops out at the most inconvenient of times…
    • Tribe – While it’s more common to use the word family, we find tribe seems to fit gatherings better these days. When we come to gather for an occasion, all who attend are part of a special tribe that has gathered to become family to create precious memories.
    • Nature – We connect with nature by being outside, by breathing the fresh air and by taking pains to tread gently upon this Earth that holds us up.
    • Abundance – We believe that nature provides abundantly for us when we take time to work with her.
  • Conveniently located in Waterford, VT only 3 miles from the intersection of Rt. 93 and Rt 91 just outside St. Johnsbury