Dragon’s Tooth Stone Circle

Dragon’s Tooth Stone Circle

Dragon’s Tooth Stone Circle was installed in September, 2016 designed and led by Ivan McBeth.   Our stone circle was built using the granite foundation pieces of the former farm house that stood on Blissful Dragon Farm prior to it burning down.  We had all these amazing pieces and the perfect place in the field where the energy called for a stone circle.

Ivan worked with us to determine what various dates we wanted to align the stones to.  At right is a diagram that Ivan drew that shows the placement of the various stones.  In addition to traditional stones places for the directions (north, south, east and west), there are some stones placed for birth dates of family members, and some stones 20160915_081131placed for summer and winter sunrise and sunsets.  Additionally, this is Ivan’s first circle where he was able to include 4 stones to include the Golden Key (or ratio).  For more information, click on the link to see a video about the Golden Key.

Stone meanings: 0 degrees (North):  This stone represents North and is also aligned to Lake Willoughby, which is the geographical crown chakra.

32 degrees:  This is the first Golden Key power stone.

43 degrees:  This stone marks the Dragon ley line and is allowed with Tower Hill.

60 degrees:  This stone represents Summer Solstice Sunrise.

75 degrees:  This stone represents sunrise on the birthday of Maya’s daughter Megan and begins the trio of family stones.

90 degrees (East) : This stone not only represents the East, this stone is also set for three other meanings.  First, this represents sunrise on Maya’s birthday, it is in alignment with Hale Mountain and is also in alignment with the “Troll cave” at the Ammonoosuc river in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

112 degrees:  This stone represents sunrise on the birthday of Maya’s daughter Lindsay.  This stone is deeply personal to Maya, as Lindsay died in 2013 due to leukemia.

124 degrees:  This stone is aligned geographically with Macworth Island just off the coast of Portland, Maine which contains a dragon portal.

148 degrees:  This is the second Golden Key power stone.

180 degrees:  This stone represents South.

212 degrees:  This stone is the third Golden Key power stone.

232 degrees:  This stone represents Winter Solstice Sunset.

270 degrees:  This stone represents West.

292 degrees:  This stone represents Summer Solstice Sunset.

328 degrees:  This stone is the fourth Golden Key power stone.

The stone circle can be used for gatherings, ceremonies, or simply to walk through and enjoy the beauty of nature.

About Ivan McBeth

Ivan McBeth was an amazing individual and we were so lucky to have him come and install our stone circle.   Ivan was a friend and really wanted to come and do the circle despite his busy schedule.  He was able to come in early September, having just returned from leading a trip to England and before druid training that had been previously scheduled. Click on his name to find out more information about this amazing man!