Zen Labyrinth

Our Zen Garden Labyrinth was created and installed by Andrew Wolf.  This beautiful walking path garden is designed for a simple walk or a more spiritual journey.  The 80 foot circular garden is filled with many elements of nature.   The altars are simply intended to be focal points and points of contemplation.  Wild flowers will fill the beds and final touches will be completed spring of 2017.

Welcome to the Labyrinth!


This Labyrinth features 7 Altars: Six around its outer circle and one in its center. These altars are meant to enhance your experience in the labyrinth and to hold their energy of intent for the Blissful Dragon to interact with you. Each altar has an activity for your participation and question that it asks.

From the entrance and then left to right on the outer circuit the six altars are:

1. Entrance / The Elements: Look at what lays before you as you are blessed by the elements. Light the candle, smudge yourself, dab some earth and water onto your forehead and ask yourself, “What has brought me here?” Thank the elements and begin your walk.

2. Death: This altar is a black doorway with a tree stump on the other side. It holds space not only for those of us who have gone beyond physical form but also for those thoughts and actions that need to pass away from us . Open the door and ask yourself: What part of me will pass away as I walk through this door? Activities: When you find a feather observe your thought at the time. Clip it to the altar and let it go. Leave a memento for a loved one who has passed.

3. Goddess: This altar holds space for the land of Blissful Dragon, it is a stone bowl in front of an earthen mound. Sit on the mound and look into the bowl. If it is empty, imagine pouring something wonderful from your heart into the bowl. If it is full, gaze for a few minutes with a soft focus to your eyes. What do you see? What do you feel? This bowl is on a very special geomantic energy. Linger and enjoy this energy, if it feels good. Take a nap on the mound if you are inspired. If it feels bad consider where it is effecting your body and why that might be before moving on. You can leave a token of a particular goddess if you are working with one at the time.

4. Birth: This altar is a red doorway: The front door of a house that once stood on this land. As you approach this door ask yourself this question: “Who am I and what opportunity does the world have for me today?” After you step through the door consider each new or creative action the birth of the opportunity you are looking for. How do you want to take your first step?

5. God: As you climb the god altar observe the crystal at its apex. This crystal collects the divine spark that is in everyone and transmits it throughout the labyrinth. When you are standing in front of it, give it a glimpse of your divine spark, then turn and face the labyrinth. How high you are! You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you. You are a vital piece of this divine organism that is the working of all things. Ask yourself “How can life be better than this?”

6. Nothingness: The Mantra for this altar is “I am nothing and I am everything.” Say this and experience the feelings that it brings. Ask yourself “What is nothingness like?” And “What is everythingness like?”

7. Love: This is the center of the labyrinth. Leave a piece of yourself at the altar of love. Carry a rose quartz from the center to the entrance, or from the entrance to the center. Try the ‘meta meditation’ at the love altar: scan your body softly up and down. After you’ve scanned a few times allow gratitude to pulse from your heart outward in every direction as golden light that touches everything in the world.
May all beings be blessed