The Secret Language of Food

Posted By Maya on Nov 14, 2017 | 1 comment

There is a wonderful book called the Secret Language of Flowers written by Samantha Gray which “reveals how flowers came by their meanings in folklore and how flowers became the language of courtship, love, friendship, beauty, and more”

While I love flowers and know the meanings of many of them, my passion is the secret language of food.  Whether you are an experienced chef or merely experienced at eating out, there is never a moment in our lives where food is not a part of a celebration of life’s biggest events or smallest moments.

Why do we eat what we eat?  Why do we cook the way we cook and with the ingredients that we use?

More importantly, what language does food speak?

Personally (and passionately), my cooking is simply all about love.  I speak my secret language of food when I keep track of what allergies my family, friends and guests have so that I can make food that they all can eat.  I speak my secret language of food when I provide a table full of delicious freshly prepared food.  I speak my secret language of food when I include ingredients that naturally enhance the wellbeing of those partaking at my table.

I speak my secret language of food because everyone is always welcome at my table, where they are safe and they are loved.

intentionally cooking with love!



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  1. So true! I am currently taking a college course on dealing with death. One of the assignments involved planning our own funeral. Every student in the class outlined what food they wanted served. Universal language – definitely!

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